Holiday Firework Safety

Many municipalities have placed fireworks on the big “no-no” list, making them illegal to set them off. For those states where you can still legally purchase and set fireworks off, I have included a brief set of safety precaution here. These guidelines are condensed from the Consumer Products Safety Commission and are valid for the home version of fireworks commonly sold in the stores.

First off, never and I repeat never tolerate children to play with fireworks of any sort. Fireworks are not toys and should never be thought of as such. Make sure you read all of the instructions and warnings which are packaged with the fireworks. When lighting firework please do so in a safe place and ensure that other people are out of the immediate range of them.

Light fireworks on a smooth surface far from any flammable materials. If you encounter one which refuses to light never attempt to relight it. Maintain a large bucket of water close by in the event of a malfunction or a fire.

The consumer protection agency offers these suggestions for the safe operation of firework activities. Follow these guidelines carefully for firework safety.

Line up your home fireworks display in such a manner that only one side of the area can be used for viewing. Don’t allow people to watch from all sides as it is much too difficult to maintain an eye on everyone in attendance.

Keep your fireworks on a flat surface and permit nothing flammable to be around the immediate area. To create flat surfaces on your lawn place a wide length of lumber across the grass which has been soaked in water? Lay the firework along these five-foot boards about 6 inches apart in the order for which you plan to shoot them off. Light only one firework at a time. Dry leaves can be especially dangerous and create a potential fire hazard. Maintain a five-gallon bucket 2/3 full of water nearby. Soak any used fireworks or duds in this bucket.

While using the fireworks keep a water hose close at hand and ready should the need arise. Allow only one individual to light the fireworks and above all ensure the person has not been drinking alcohol. This person should be at least 14 years old.

Never smoke around any sort of fireworks nor set them off during windy evenings. Use the popular long BBQ matches in order to light the fireworks. This keeps your face and hands a good distance from the fireworks. It is hoped that these tips will provide you with an accident-free Fourth of July.