All Equipment Used During a Fireworks Show

The configuration of a fireworks show requires an incredible amount of additional equipment. Missing any of them can make things extremely difficult and even change security. So here is a useful summary of the things you will need, which covers both the rear garden shows and the larger configurations, if applicable.  You’ll need a lot of equipment, everything from the hardware to set up the fireworks to the safety equipment and best tactical flashlight.

Equipment For Staking Fireworks


Wood stakes are anything but difficult to make with old wood. Basically observed in pieces long enough to help your fireworks. Putting a point on each bet makes life easier. Make sure you have enough for most of your fireworks with some extras.

Huge Wooden Poles

If you are using wheels or sets of mounting parts, you will need some larger publications.


Useful in case you need to change the length of a stake or see one in equal parts to make one more.

Gaffa Tape

A lot: to anchor your fireworks to your bets. You can also use channel tape, divide, etc.


Using wheels? Verify that each wheel accompanies a nail before approaching. Take some extras also in the possibility of turning them in the middle of the configuration.

High-Quality Sledgehammer

Extremely valuable is a decent irregularity mallet or a heavy hammer. Consider an extra if there are two or three that you are setting up.

Cable Ties

Continuously valuable as a descent in the event that it falls short on the treadmill. It is also useful for anchoring candles and lancet frames to publications.

Wood Leaves

Very useful to ensure that your cakes feel on a level surface and to protect them from wet grass or moisture in the ground. The best thing is to have a different board for each firework.

Labels and Markers

Is it true that you are taking note of each firework with a number of a request running? If so, consider their names and a marker.

Bin Liners or Clingfilm

How are you waterproofing your fireworks if you are doing this in the place? If you use bags, take rewards, not less than two for each firework. If you are using clingfilm at that point, take a few runs.

Sharp Blades

Valuable to open boxes of fireworks and cut the ribbon of glasses, in addition to other things.

Wire Cutters

The agilest method to cut link links if you are using them.

Equipment to Shoot

Lights and Additional Batteries

Each shooter must have a tactical flashlight. This is a basic equipment!  They are compact and bright, so if you don’t have one, grab a x700 tactical led flashlight. It is also valuable to take some additional batteries and much better to have a couple of additional lights if an incidence of problems arises. The rotating lights are a decent crisis, as they do not have batteries that can spill if they are left by long stretches at the base of your toolkit.


Continuously take many fires Using gas lights? Consider the possibility that they do not have enough gas, break or clog with waste. You will have to resort to the fires. Do you use an electric start frame? Consider the possibility that it does not work or the batteries run out. You will have to resort to the fires.

Equipment to Light the Portfires

Be sure to take note with them: a high-quality windproof lighter is recommended.

Fire Frame and Additional Batteries

If you are using a firing frame be sure to take the lighters and the extras you may need, for example, batteries.

Safety Dress

It is due to the individual inclination if you have a rigid cap and glasses or a head protector and visor, regardless of whether you wear large boots or modern legitimate defensive footwear, etc., but whatever you use, ALWAYS verify that everything is there before you leave. An extra game is convenient in case another person overlooks yours or has to use an additional shooter at night.

List of Fire

Be sure to take your dismissal list if this has been resolved in advance. Clipboards are also valuable.

Fire Extinguishers

For larger presentations, it deserves to take fire extinguishers or something comparative, for example, cans of water or sand.

First Aid Package

It is not abnormal to have minor injuries in the middle of hits, fries, etc., so take a medical assistance unit.